Travel with Dog(s)

The -Duinenwind- extends a warm welcome to all dogs!

Most of belgian vacation homes prohibit dogs at all or just allow one small animal.. We appreciate especially responsible and well-educated guests (two- and four-legged). Whereas we know, that this doesn't depend on number, size or breed of dogs, we won't impose any restrictions!

We only expect a covering insurance for rental objects.

De Haan is also dog friendly . During the high season (July - 15. Septembre) dogs are permitted at the beach bevore 10 AM and after 7 PM. The rest of the year doesn't exist any restrictions. There is a general leash-on obligation in Belgium. A few other towns unfortunately restrict the bringing of the breed Pitbull-Terrier. But you can check individually on official sites. Moreover there are no further restrictions.

We provide for our "Canine-Guests" some toppings, that you can find in our cottage. We ask you to feel free using the available gear! The doube bowl and a large dog bed are present in the house. Moreover there's a big crate in the shed, that can provide safety for dog and owner (and house), if the four-legged guest has to stay alone at time.